I am worthy!

Wearing a mask of glittering diamonds, the cold dark water tries desperately to rid itself of the debris and garbage it holds within from recent storms.  With each crashing wave, what was so well hidden beneath the surface, is finally expelled onto the shore and into sight.

Rock Lake is one of my favourite places to go, especially on my bad days. It brings me comforting solitude, calm, warmth, contentment, and beauty.

Friday September 27, 2013 was different.  A really bad wind and rain storm had passed through a few days earlier.  The water was cold, dark, and murky. Brown bubbly foam, pieces of driftwood, tree branches, and a few pieces of garbage rushed in and out on the shoreline with each crashing wave.  The beach was full of sink holes of all different sizes, shapes, and depths.  It looked beaten.  Defeated.

I was the only one there.  I felt nervous and scared.  I wanted to get back into my car and drive away.  The Fear Monster was readying for battle.

I forced myself to stay.  I WAS going to swim today.  I am worthy!

I called my husband and told him how the beach looked and that I was afraid to go into the water.  He told me that I could just come home; that I didn’t have to go in. Clearly he didn’t get it.   There was no way Jaws and Humanoids from the Deep were winning today!  I hung up the phone and went back to my distractions:  my camera, flip flops, and the gazillion tiny rocks that formed the beach.

It took me almost two hours to get myself into that water.  My feet and legs stung from the biting cold.  Surges of adrenaline shot through my body.  I did it!  I felt powerful!  Brave!  Strong!  I am worthy!

My mask of glittering diamonds ripped off.  Debris and garbage held within from recent storms were expelled.  I was a Glittering Diamond FOR REAL…….I am worthy!


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