I AM WORTHY –  GOOD MEMORIES: A game of hide & NOT to seek.  

Why do GOOD memories have to be so good at hiding?  Why does my brain have to totally suck at seeking them out until some random seemingly insignificant experience screams out “There you are! I found you!!!!!”

The problem with this type of “WIN” is that the GOOD memory usually belongs to a game that was over a long time ago. 

Today my absolutely amazing almost ninety year old client was teaching me how to properly fold a queen size fitted bottom sheet for her bed that I had washed and dried earlier in the day.   She told me to put my two corners together on the one side and then fold it over just a bit to make a new even straight side. Then she instructed me to walk towards her and give her my two sides of the sheet which I did.  I then picked up the two bottom corners and handed them to her also.  She put the sheet down on her bed and finished folding it up all nice and flat and straight!

The action of walking up to my client and giving her my two sides of the sheet was all it took to have a GOOD memory push itself out of hiding from beneath the cold icy surface of my stubborn mind.  

I could clearly see and feel myself as a little girl doing this very same thing with my mother.  I remembered that when I used to give my two corners of the sheet to my mother, it was like I was giving a part of myself to the person I trusted the most in my little world – my mom. This properly folding of sheets together was something that connected us in a special way as mother and daughter.  

I was very thankful for the GOOD memory that I “WON” today and for all the warmth and love that it brought.

I wonder though how many other GOOD memories are hiding away in my mind that don’t want to be found. Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Don’t these hidden GOOD memories know that the game was over a long time ago – my mom has been dead for almost eight years. 

How many GOOD memories of my dad are still playing and winning?   Our father/daughter game was over eighteen years ago. 

I am grateful that, despite how I play the game and how long we’ve been playing, Hide & NOT to seek with my husband is still not over. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10….ready or not – GOOD memories here I come.   

I am worthy ❤


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