Tantilizing Sensations – I’m ALIVE.

I am worthy ❤

The whispering slap of my long hair onto my face thoroughly delights me. In an instant the wind takes it back to caress my shoulders.  I lean as far into it as I can to feel the tantilizing sensations for every possible moment.  

I feel “high”. 


My mind and body are free as I fly through the air.

My bare feet get to experience the kiss of the wind and the feel of the soft raking into the cold sand below me.

“The Greatest” by Sia is blasting in my earbuds and my lips curl into a happy smile as I sing along. 

For as long as my forty-seven year old body will let me – back and forth I will swing.  I will FEEL.  I will be ALIVE. Give me more and more and more of this….this is LIFE.  

I am worthy! ❤


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