“Shit My Wife Says”


“Shit My Wife Says”……..  “We’re Dealing With Mental Health Issues” ……. “Notebook Moments: I remember now – it was us….it was us….I love you. What happened to me?   Nothing, you just went away for a little while.   How much time do we have?   I’m not sure, last time it was no more than five minutes.   Okay.”

Where do I go?  Where the hell do I go?

Where is the girl that wanted ONLY you, desired ONLY you, NEEEEEDED only you?

I thought our love would last FOREVER….never dreamed it would become this up and down in and out confusing fucked up nightmare which we both think “we together” get to escape from – only to realize we only had five minutes of “us” …..

How do I come back to you each and every day?  For FOREVER?

I am worthy ❤ ??????


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