To A Place That No Longer Exists…..

I am worthy ❤

I missed feeling safe and secure when I was a little girl.   I missed my daddy being there to make my little world all right.  I missed my mommy being carefree and happy. I was a scared and worried little girl.  I used to cry at night. I tried real hard to comfort my little sister with comfort I didn’t have.

At sixteen I found a wonderful young man whose love could not fill the holes. I miss the yearning I had for him.  I miss the look of admiration and love that used to shoot from my eyes.  I miss wanting him in every possible way in every possible moment.  My heart and soul cried for him to need and want me too.  He did, but I just couldn’t feel it – so I built a wall – and it still stands between us.

I miss my two babies now that they are grown.   I yearn for them to love and need me Iike they used to.

I miss the family we once were.

I’m still here trying to find a way back to a place that no longer exists.  

I am worthy ❤ to keep searching, searching, and searching…… ❤


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