About Me

Being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder just over two years ago at the age of 45 changed MY LIFE.  It made perfect sense of absolutely everything!

I started this blog so that I could:

1) have a safe place to work through and heal from some of my most painful experiences;

2) use my love of words, photos, and writing as a form of therapy for my soul;

3) share and re-live the excitement and good feelings that came from some of my most triumphant moments: overcoming the way my emotions, fear, distorted thinking, and trauma controlled and negatively impacted my life;

4) discover and connect with other people who “get it” – I’m so thankful to not feel so alone anymore;

5)  learn how others have worked through their struggles;

6) offer support and encouragement to other people who are suffering; and

7) remind myself that I am worthy:  it took me 45 years to accept every part of who I am, to love myself, and to know, believe, and FEEL  that I AM WORTHY to be alive.

Thank you for sharing in my journey ❤